Great Selection, Service and Prices on Name-brand Chimney Products!

We’re smaller and much more personal, yet we have pretty much everything you need here.  And we don’t have lots of backorders either; but when we are short on something, we will tell you so you can locate it elsewhere. In other words, we respect your schedule.  
We have other things going for us as well: Innovation, support, business building and more.

Chimney Repair and Maintainence Products:

Regional Chimney Supply offers competitive pricing on name brand chimney repair and maintenance products/tools. From stainless steel liners with lifetime warranties and insulation products to sweep brushes, respirators and vacuums, we’re here to help. We offer competitive prices, low error level, good solid support, same-day service, reasonable policies and sort of the “old hardware store” feeling of dealing with regular people.  Regional Chimney Supply satisfies a lot of other guys- see if we don’t work for you as well!

Innovation for Chimney Professionals:

We realize that the future is coming faster than ever and that today's technologies are changing the way that chimney sweeps perform their jobs. Regional was the first distributor to offer a mobile app for the chimney sweeping trade with Chimney Pro Sidekick©. Since then we’ve also presented the Chimspector© Chimney and Dryer Vent Inspection app. And we continue to develop more tools for your mobile life- stay tuned!

Support: Technical, Installation, and Business

We’re here to help! We know a lot, and what we don’t know we can probably help you find an answer to anyway.  I’ve spent 30+ years either lining chimneys personally or helping other guys over the phone; I can discuss installation problems with you.  And I’ve helped more than one guy turn his unprofitable business around; I can help you there too if you need it.  


Turn in the lane by the 711, at the top of the hill turn left, go to the second building Regional Chimney Supply, LLC.

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