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    Tools and Calculators for Chimney Pros
    A handy app and desktop software for Chimney Professionals, providing tools, calculators, and references that ever chimney pro needs. Available for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac.

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Now you can do more with your reports. Email them, share them to your favorite cloud apps. Save for later, send them via Bluetooth and MORE..

Download for Phones, 7 and 10 inch Tablets!

Exported Example Report From Chimspector (PDF)

This is an example of a chimney inspection generated by our software.

PDF Report - Joe Sample

Chimspector Chimney Reporting Software

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Our new 2012 Catalog is now up! Visit our Products Page for more Info!

Regional Chimney's 2012 Spring Catalog



Woodstove Troubleshooter now availble for download!

Our easy to use woodstove troubleshooting guide is now available for download as an Excel® Spreadsheet.

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